it's tough
that's why it works

Metafit™ is the Original Branded 30-minute HIIT Workout.

Metafit keeps things simple, coach-led and technique-focused, it's a military-inspired workout that sticks to the true principles of HIIT.  

  • 1-day certification. You'll learn true HIIT science, mobilisation warm-ups, exercises techniques and modifications, training fundamentals and how to use in your business.
  • Monthly workouts. New workouts are released every month - over 100 now available. Each comes with unique branding, commands, countdowns and backing music. Saving you time to focus more on your clients and business.
  • No licence fees! Use Metafit on the class timetable, bootcamp or PT session. There is NO license associated with our workouts.
  • Live workout ONLY. Metafit is not a home, DVD or virtual workout. This is a coach-led class. Quality trainers instructing a quality program in a safe, highly effective manner. 
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Early Bird Offer $199 (normally $299) - Limited Time Only! 

Online or 1-day certification

  • The Masterclass
  • HIIT science - what really is TRUE HIIT?
  • Metabolic effects - Intensity, muscle and fat burning. 
  • Teaching the Metafit 30 minute HIIT workout.
  • Mobilisation, activation and dynamic warm ups
  • Exercise techniques and modifications
  • Media/Monthly track Downloads/Marketing
  • ACE 0.6/ NASM 0.6/ AFAA 6.

Once certified subscribe to our monthly workouts, marketing, video library and more for ONLY $12.95 per month. You'll receive 4 full workouts to get started and then a new workout every month.

Early Bird Discount ONLY $199 (normally $299)

Book now and add Metafit to your timetable classes, studio or PT sessions.

"Awesome program - we have operated one of Australia's best known health clubs for over 30 years and Metafit is one of the best things we have done.'' Kym Everett, Gym Owner QLD, Australia.

'This was one of the best certifications I've done. And trust me I've done a whole bunch. Been teaching in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I've done everything under the sun in fitness. This is the best and fastest way to get into shape. The coaches are awesome! The owners are awesome. The workouts are awesome. Do it!"  Jennifer Mongeluzo, Studio Owner, CT, USA.

'"Where do I start??? Metafit has literally launched my pt business into another world!!! I have regular clients that have shared their success stories and their strength gains that have blown their own minds!" Kylie Peckitt, Studio Owner, VIC, Australia.

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