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that's why it works

MetaPRO is the Next Level course for our experienced and loyal coaches.

New, cutting edge functional workouts to challenge your clients and boost income, whilst sticking to the core Metafit HIIT training principles.

Higher intensity PRO12 workouts to push your experienced metafitters to new levels of HIIT. Specific PT tracks, with varied exercises and combinations to give clients measurable goals, targets and specific 1 to 1 coaching techniques. New Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) workouts that will challenge classes with sport based skills and drills in a HIIT class format.

All the MetaPRO workouts are completely FREE!! As a PRO coach, once you have completed the 1 day workshop you will get permanent access to the tracks. Welcome to MetaPRO

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Early Bird Offer - Only $199 (normally $299)

1 Day certification course (only available to coaches with a minimum 6 months Metafit experience)

  • Free access to the metaPRO workouts on completion of courses
  • Advanced HIIT principles, energy systems & latest research
  • PRO12 intense HIIT workouts
  • PT specific workouts
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness workouts
  • Marketing & Media

Course Fee - £185

Limited space available!

Book now to avoid disappointment and become the first PRO coach in your region!

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